Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Last Swap & Drag Post

Last post of this fun weekend. The weather stayed great until about 3 or so then it started raining, and then it rained harder. It didn't stop raining until about 5 or 6 the next morning and even then it was still misty and crappy. A lot of folks went home, but since a lot of folks I only see a couple of times a year were there I stuck around. I THOUGHT I was going to be smart and brought a bigger tent but as I found out that evening the rain tarp was missing. Ian had left me the canopy we had used during the day so I rolled the ends of the tent in and used the tent like a drop cloth. I stayed dry like this, but between the noise of the water on the plastic canopy and having to get up and dump the water out I finally gave up and got in the truck. I should have done this from the start. I slept great once I did this. Anyway, we had a good time hanging out and catching up with folks until people started slipping away to catch some sleep. The next morning folks got up and tried to pack their wet crap while saying good bye and making plans for the next time. The next Swap & Drag will be around Oct. or Nov. so make your plans to be there!

Home sweet home. The canopy worked, the truck was much better.

Bikes from the Hate City crew.

One of the other guys had a GREAT little set up.

Jessica from Hate City fixing up some breakfast burritos for her hungry crew. At least she's not hammered and drinking out of a jar. Be sure to check out the subscriptions page in the next Cycle Source and you'll see what I mean.She was a fun model for me last fall ;-)

Folks packing up.

I told her I wouldn't put this on Instagram, I didn't say it wouldn't make the blog ;-)

Jeremy looking pretty happy considering the long wet ride that awaits him.

Stogie Joe's sweet Sporty once again.

Ready for the ride home to South Alabama.

Time to go I guess.

I'm not sure what he was grinning about, but we still had a good time hanging out and talking.

I love this van and the guy who owns it does some great stuff. I never did get a chance to meet him and talk though. Maybe next time.

Getting my own stuff loaded up.

Some of the other folks who braved the overnight rain.

The Haints should have been in this shot, but they were smart enough to get the hell out the day before.

Michael's canopy didn't like all that water pooling in it and decided to lay down and rest.

Ryan wearing the only dry clothes he had and ready to get on the road home.

Like I said, it was a great time and it's always good to see folks from all over. The internet let's us talk to folks from everywhere, but events like this are how we actually get to know one another.

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