Thursday, December 13, 2012

Second Round Of Pics From The Barber's Motorsports Museum

Another round of photos from my Barber's visit. Not much to say other than I had a good time and seem to be getting a slight grasp on shooting pics strictly in manual mode.

I really like the way they display these two K models. The lighting was hell to work with though.

They built a section of boardtrack like surface to display these old race bikes.

They also made a section to look kind of like a modern track for the newer race bikes.

They're really creative with finding ways to display the bikes. When they built the museum they had it planned out so that they could add a helluva lot more bikes than they had in the old museum. They've STILL managed to run short of space. Gotta love a museum that refuses to stop growing.

A super nice old Panhead.

The Munch Mamouth. Screw Boss Hoss, these bikes were decades ahead of them. That is a car engine crammed in that bike.

My favorite stock bike. It's a '65 Electra Glide, the last year of the Pan, first year of the electric start AND the year I was born.

Bicentennial Edition Electra Glide.

Nice old Sporty, don't see many with the turtle tank anymore. I've only seen one outside of a museum.

They have a race car ON the elevator!!!!

The Sportster's daddy!

This is proof that if you REALLY want to ride you WILL find a way!! Screw snow, go ride!!!!

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  1. Great pics and posts lately. Hope that eye is doing good. Read about you over at another blog. I finally found a certain seat I'd stashed and buried under other stuff...soon it should be on it's way....he says sheepishly. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all yours down Southerly way. Have enjoyed the blogs, and keep taking them pics.