Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rex's Shovel

OK, Rex has been on me for a while now about posting the pics I took of his shovelhead so here they are. Rex is one of those guys who lucks up on deals pretty regularly. As long as I've known him he's been collecting chopper parts and playing with chopped up jap bikes. He's got an old Goldwing that he chopped that will still be on the road long after all of us are just dust in a box. He finally decided to go the HD route and lucked up on the shovel for a killer price. The bike was stone stock when he got it and he's been smart enough not to mess it up. All he's done so far is to add the extended fork tubes and screw around with seats. As you can see this is a 76 Bicentennial Edition and the paint is in GREAT shape. So far the bike has been trouble free and a good runner. I hope it stays that way and I hope you like the pics I took at Raf's shop (Conte Kustoms).

The forks give it that late 60's stance.

Original paint and decal.

LONG legs right up to her.....

Rex and his ride.

Striking a pose!

The paint isn't just black, there are blue flakes mixed in with it.

The side of the tank.

Stay tuned I have more stuff to post and I hope to get it all set up while I'm off work this week.

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