Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Vacation Last Week.

I had to have eye surgery last Wednesday so I decided to use the vacation days I still had to take the whole week off and have a few days of fun just in case something bad happened in surgery. On Monday it was sunny and warm so I decided to head over to the Barber's Motorsports Museum and take some pictures while learning more about my new camera. Ya gotta love riding 30 miles across town in a light sweatshirt in December. If I hadn't needed to get on the Interstate for part of the ride I'd have just worn a t-shirt, it was that nice out.

So I get to the museum and got my gear out. I left my tripod on the bike since they don't allow them in the museum (people trip over them I guess). Once inside I got a big smile and started walking around. Here are some of the pics I took, I may do another post this week with even more.

I made all of the logos you see on top of these signs when I used to run the graphics dept of a trade show exhibit company.

We also made this sign too. The vinyl letters are on a piece of Plexiglas so it's hard to photograph without getting crazy shadows of the letters.

Everyone should know this bike! It's a Britten and was made in Australia. If the creator hadn't died I think this bike may have ruled the world eventually!

One of the funkiest sidecar bikes I've ever seen.

The legendary Crocker! Once again, EVERYONE should know about these bikes. If you don't, you need to educate yourself.

One of my favorite factory Sportsters. They were crap at the time, but I always dug 'em. It's an XLCR in case you don't know.

An XR750! These bikes are pure bad ass! Evel Knievel used these as his jump bikes. His were an earlier version though.

The first incarnation of the Super Glide. I never liked the boat tail, but I ALWAYS loved this paint. I almost broke down and got a twin cam when they made the anniversary model with this scheme. In case you didn't know Willie G. copied the old chopper builders and put a Sportster (XL) fork on a stripped down Electra Glide (FL) to make the Superglide (FX - get it?   FL+XL=FX!).

The beauty side.

1957 XL Sportster! The legend begins!

1965 XLCH. One of my favorite bikes in the museum. I wish they would move it so I can get better pics of it.

Another view.

And another, I TOLD you I liked it.

The XR1000, this was the successor to the XR750.

The legendary Capt. America or at least a good replica of it. Another bike that is in a hard place to photograph.

Most of you know by now, but for the curious I'll tell you. I had to have a vitrectomy and other stuff because of diabetes complications. It went well and I can almost see right again. I posted on facebook about the surgery and the first 5 replies were about me getting an eye-patch and would look like a pirate. SO me being the smart ass that I am I ran with it.......

The first pic I posted was just me with this patch and the huge wads of tape. Once I got home I took this pic and used a little photoshop magic to make my friends happy.

On Thursday I was hurting more so to take my mind off of it I went a little crazier and made this one.

I've felt a little better every day since and even went back to work today. I didn't take painkillers because I don't like them and have a high tolerance for pain anyway. One way I deal with it is to do silly stuff like this to distract myself. I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll try to do more this week.

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