Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Visit From A Brother I Haven't Seen In 20 Years

Back in 1988 I made my way over to Germany for my second overseas tour in the Army. Little did I know that it would be some the best years of my life. I was stationed on a great post (Giebelstadt Army Airfield) doing a job I loved (Crewchief on Hueys) and I bought my first Harley. Buying that bike led to me meeting some of the best people I have ever known. I was proud to become a member of the Stray Dogs MC and even though I left Germany I still proudly display my patch. One of the main people who made these years so great was John Millar of Millar Machine. Between John and his great wife Jacque us Wurzburg Stray Dogs were made to feel at home even though we were a thousand miles away. As usual when we leave duty stations we tend to lose contact with people, especially in the pre-internet age. A few years ago I managed to find a way to get back in touch with John and Jacque. That was a good day for sure, because we've managed to stay in touch since then and because of that John ended up stopping by and spending the night with us this weekend. John had to go up north to take care of some family business and his route home led him right by my house. He got here Saturday afternoon and we spent a little while catching up before Allison and I took John to the Bright Star restaurant in Bessemer for a good dinner.

After that we came back to the house where we spent more time talking ans then drank a few cold Fat Tires while watching "Preppers" and making fun of them. Finally it was time to go to sleep so we retired for the evening and got a good nights sleep. Next morning it was time for breakfast and some more talk about the old days and about what we each have been doing in the bike world. It's great to know that John still has the 1987 Lowrider that he had in Germany, it's been repainted, but has managed to roll up 180,000 miles. Don't tell me that Evos are not good motors! Eventually John had to get on the road so we said our good byes and John headed to the house. It was great to see someone so good after 20 years. I highly recommend it ;-) Hopefully it won't be 20 more years before we get to visit again and maybe next time Jacque will be with him.

Saying Good-Bye to a great friend.

Back in the old days outside Claire's Pub in Illeshiem, Germany (the Stray Dogs clubhouse more or less).

John sitting at my kitchen table looking at a frame of old pics I had on the wall.

Laughing at the "preppers".

The old pics I have on the wall from back "in the day".

John on the left playing pool with "Earl".

If you ever have the chance to catch up with old friends DO IT! It is worth every minute of it. Can't wait for the next time!

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