Monday, July 23, 2012

Made Some Progress On The Flyrite

I've been trying to get some work done lately. I managed to get most of the parts I need, but every time I want to work on the bike it rains and once it rains here the humidity goes so high that I can't stand to stay in the garage. This weekend it stayed nice until early afternoon so I made some progress. It did start raining again, but I was almost done by then.

Got the other bikes out of the garage to make room and got the chopper up on the lift to keep it level.

Getting started on mounting the correct controls. I had some later model ones on there, but they won't work with the oil lines running from the oil pump to the filter. I now have the right ones, but since this is an aftermarket frame they still needed some persuasion.

Had to make a hardware store trip to get longer bolts and luckily I had a good supply of spacers stashed in my stuff to make it all work. It seems the spacing of the front tubes and the mounts are different than a stock frame. Nothing a little measuring and changing bolts and assorted parts couldn't fix.

It started pouring rain so the other bikes got wet, but they get wet when I ride in the rain anyway so it was no big deal. I like this picture because it shows just how long those damn forks are.

While I was at the hardware store I also got the bolts I need to attach my seat to my new Fab Kevin invisible seat mount. Now to get the mount welded to the frame.

The finished controls. It took quite a while to mount these because the instructions Custom Chrome send are copies of copies of copies so it's hard to see anything in the drawing and the words are impossible to read. PLUS I had to try different bolts and stuff to find out what would work and what needed changed. I got it done though.

I doubt I'll use these pegs once I get the bike on the road, but they came with the kit and will work until I get different ones.

The Fab Kevin brake set up I bought is on the axle, but now I need to redo the wheel spacers and get the tab for the brake anchor welded on.

I put the rear axles of the Triumph and the Flyrite even with each other to show how much longer the chopper is. That's a helluva difference.

All the bikes back in their place so I can finally get back inside and get out of the sweat soaked clothes. Got lots more to do, but at least I'm making progress.


  1. Jealous, want that Fab Kevin rear brake setup for the Shovel...

  2. I'm digging the fact it's not a long springer ! No offence haha, It's gonna rock

  3. Wish I had a persian rug to work on my bikes!

  4. Thanks Y'all!

    JT, this brake set up is SWEET.

    T1, I love springers, but I really wanted to go long with this one and hydraulic was the only affordable way.

    Ian, if you want a rug like that you have to get the previous owners of the house to leave it for you, that's what I did.

  5. Looking good JD. You going to have it ready for the Bash?

  6. looking like the long bikes we used to ride back in the early 80s...I love that long, leaned over stance when she is on the kickstand...and I may have to take a closer look at Fab Kevins brake set-up...are you thinking of posting a short video clip of her either idling or in motion when you're done?

  7. Dimestore, It won't be ready for the Bash. If I spend the money to finish it then I won't have the money for the Bash.

    8 Ball, when it's done I'll post plenty of every kind of media possible ;-P