Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Long Bike And A Lunch Ride

Larry and Ashley are finally back from Born Free and back at work in the shop. Saturday Ian was having a Birthday Party for his little girl so the guys with kids ended up at the McWain Center for the party. Since my kids are grown I made other plans so that I could keep my sanity. I got up early and met Mathew at Krispy Kreme to hook up with a guy about a "72 ironhead Mathew was thinking of buying. The bike turned out to be pretty nice and at a good price. Mathew decided to go with an Evo Sporty since his mechanical experience is limited, but I told the owner I'd post pics and info if he wanted. I guess I'll wait and see if I hear from him soon.

After checking out the bike we headed on over to Garco to see how the trip west turned out. On the way there in the middle of all these puffy clouds and blue skies of course Mathew and I found the only rain cell in the area and rode right through it getting pretty damned wet, but not for long. Once we got to the shop the rain caught up with us, but didn't last long and the bright blue skies came back and we were ready to go to lunch. The chopper Larry was building for Born Free is done of course so I was finally going to see this mythical beast roll on down the road....

THE Chopper, Mathew was taking pics at the same time I was. He's shaved his head to get in the right frame of mind to leave for Air Force Basic Training in a couple of months.

Off we went! It seems that the bike turns pretty well, it just needs a little more room to do it.

The details are where it's at. Check out how the pipes come up then lean in to follow the line of the sissy bar. Nice touch Larry!

Ashley seems comfortable, hard to believe after seeing how skinny her seat is. Check out Larry's beard, it was acting pretty crazy blowing around in the wind.

Over the shoulder shot of Mathew behind us at the stoplight. I'm getting better at taking these shots without having to look before I click. by the way Mathew is selling his CB750 to buy a Sportster. I'll have a more detailed post about it soon.

The happy couple....

I told you she was happy, I don't think she quit grinning the whole way.

I think the front wheel got to the restaurant 5 minutes before we did.

Today's lunch crew.

Ashley doing the braid for the return ride.

Look for the details, there are plenty of them there just waiting for you to discover them.

The other side of the bike. I made Larry swing over to the wrong side of the road so I could take this one.

I just liked this shot so I included it.

On the way back Larry ran out of gas so I went on to the shop to get some more. We put a bit in the bike and took off. We made it to the road in front of the shop before it ran out again. Turns out the float was stuck so the carb was pouring most of the gas out on the road. The joys of choppers and fancy polished carburetors.

We pushed the bike on into the shop so Larry can get it ready for the next ride.

Just an FYI, I have a million things going on right now so the postings will be kinda slow for a bit. I hope to get things steady soon and will resume the usual schedule.

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  1. Sweet Blog Jeff...I miss riding a long bike. I've been knocking around building one again, and reading this just gave me some more ideas for the drawing board. Thanks.