Friday, October 26, 2012

Triumphs at Barbers Vintage Fest

This year the Barber's Vintage Festival was sponsored by Triumph motorcycles and like a good company they decided to embrace the heritage of their name. Most of us know the history of the old and new Triumph so I won't rehash it. I did take advantage of this to take some pics though. Most of these were int eh Triumph tent in teh vendor area, but a few were spending their time in the swap meet area. Check em out and enjoy the view, I don't know anything about them except that they looked damn good.....

Maybe soon life will settle down and I can enjoy some chopper time to share with y'all. I spent last weekend on a great trip with my Wife enjoying North Alabama, the Natchez Trace Parkway and Franklin, TN. I'm learning more about my new camera and hopefully will be able to apply it to some cool bike pics. Later....


  1. Your pics are looking great as always brother, so proud of you and your work..keep it coming!!! RM

  2. Thanks! If it wasn't for folks like you encouraging and even shoving me I wouldn't be doing what I love to do today.