Thursday, October 18, 2012

Barber's Vintage Festival 2012 (Vol. 2)

As the day got later the fun just kept on happening. Marty had to head back Saturday night to work on Sunday so we made sure to get around to see as many people as we could. Eventually we had to say goodbye to Brother Roadside. He left right after the fireworks show and Ian and I headed over to the Ace Cafe area to see the Cigar Store Indians play. They put on a great show as usual and I had a good time even if it did end kinda early. After that we made it back to the campsite where everyone commenced to having a good time. I'll leave out the details except to say that bearded Brian either owes me one or is gonna kick my butt depending on how things work out. The fun went on pretty late and we ended up waking the next morning to dark skys and rain in MS headed our way. Because of this the other crews packed up and took off. Us local guys hung out for a bit and hitchhiked a ride with Ben over to the pits to see Warren from Jr's Cycle get ready to race. After that we hit the vendor area to eat and eventually packed out gear and headed to the house. It was a great weekend and I can't wait for the next one. It is so good to get to see folks that I don't see often enough. I an truly lucky to be a part of the scene I love. Catch y'all later and enjoy the rest of the pics....

Haint Nick and Matt from Wheels Through Time. Matt was getting in trouble as usual ;-)

John the Painter, Roadside Marty and Matt Walksler.......A crazy crew if I ever saw one.

Brunson and Dills talking trash as usual.

Stogie Joe showing how he earned his name......."Free Stogie Joe!!!"

Jeremy from Hate City Custom in Atl. Someone else I consider "good people". And if you follow his Wife Jessica on Instagram she will keep you highly entertained!

Bill and his lovely wife Kita watching the fireworks. and that's Chopper Ed photobombing in teh background ;-)

The Cigar Store Indiand ripping it up.

Giving that guitar hell!

The next morning packing things up.

Chopper Ed loading his bike.

Can ya tell from this picture that it got a little crazy the night before?

Warren ready to go race.

Indian racebike blasting by. I needed my zoom lens for this, but of course I didn't have it with me.

Looking down past the museum curves.

And that's it for this year. Hopefully I'll have some more fun stuff to post soon.


  1. im still uncertain about it myself!!! the thanking or the kicking haaaaa, what a night for sure!

  2. I love that pic of me, John and Matt!!

  3. 3 VERY photogenic guys for sure ;-)