Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shooting Pics On Morris Ave

Last Saturday Ian and I finally were able to get together to go shoot some pics of his bike for a couple of upcoming projects. We headed downtown to try and get some cool industrial type backgrounds. The plan was to meet at Sloss Furnace, but once I got there it was decided that it wouldn't work because they had already set up too much stuff for their Halloween haunted house. Ian and I decided that Morris Ave would be a cool place. We still shot a bunch of pics of Ian riding across the 1st Ave. bridge past Sloss, but the stationary shots were done on Morris Ave. This street used to be where all the cool bars were back in the day. One of my favorites was there, good ol' Jekyll & Hyde's. Saw many cool bands in that place, sadly today it has been turned into lofts. Most of the buildings there now have been converted to offices and lofts. The only cool bar still there is Mathew's where we had the after-party for the first Dixie Roundup. It's still a cool area with the cobblestone street and old architecture. It seems that Saturday mornings are prime time for photographers to play there since we saw about 10 different groups taking their pics. One of those groups came down to where Ian and I were shooting and asked if they could take some pics with Ian's bike. Of course he agreed, he's a nice guy like that. There were two young ladies taking photos for their Senior portraits or something like that. One of the girls Mom was with them and helping to photographer where she could. The photographer was Tiffanie from Bae Davis Photography and she was really nice. We talked shop for a bit and then she got to work. I took a few shots while she was working, that's the price of using my props in her pics ;-). I brought the cool bike and Biker, she brought the young ladies and together we got some good shots.

While we were taking the last pics Loaf arrived and we hung out for a bit before deciding it was time to go eat. As usual when Loaf and I get together his bike decided to act up. He's got some kind of electrical gremlin but he'll get it sorted out, he always does. We ended up going to a cool BBQ place to eat then Ian took off to get ready to go to the Alabama game and Loaf and I headed over to Conte Kustoms to hang out with Raf. While we were there I took a few pics of Rex's shovel and Loaf borrowed some space to trouble shoot his bike. Rain was moving in by now so we went our separate ways to try and get home before the rain hit. I've had some more adventures since Saturday, but that's a separate post. Catch ya Later....

We parked on Morris Ave to walk around and scout the best spots to shoot.

Watching a pro at work and trying to pic up tips. Tiffanie was super nice and gave me some clues I have to follow up on about using reflectors.

The young ladies who were shooting some senior pictures. Of course I didn't get their names. Why should this day be any different from the rest of them.

That's one of the girls Mom holding the reflector, Ian was Instagraming pics he took of them.

Tiffanie at work again

Sitting pretty

You can see she was looking at HER photographer, but I still took the shot.

The 2nd young lady of the pair. Both were really nice and seemed to be having fun posing with a real chopper.

The best thing is that neither one burned their legs on the pipes.

 We moved into the lower parking lot to get some pics with the trains in the background.

 Loaf made the scene after riding up from Montgomery. You know it's bad where he lives when he'll ride 2 hours just to hang out while we take pics.

 Leaving Morris Ave. for lunch.

 Going back past Sloss.

One again a great day was had by all. Can't wait for this weekend!!!

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  1. Man, that next to last pic looks like I'm riding by a bunch of giant dildos! Hope you got your bike back together. Y'all Inbreds have a good time down in Dothan this weekend. I'm heading down to Mobile/Pensacola with my wife for our anniversary. I'll be up for the Bama swap&drags though.