Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Barber's Vintage Festival 2012 (Vol. 1)

Another great weekend at the Vintage Festival. I am SO lucky to live near this great facility. They always put on a good event and this one was no exception. Some of my peeps were able to get out there Thursday or Friday, but I had to wait until Saturday. It all worked out in my best interests though. Saturday morning I met up with my friend Clay at the Tip Top Grill in Bluff Park then we headed over to meet up with the legendary Roadside Marty to make the ride into the park. We took the back way into the park so that we could enjoy the curvy road and eventually made our grand entrance that was of course noticed by no one because of all the traffic. We eventually got sorted out and made our way in to hook up with Ian, Bill, the Mississippi crew and the guys from Gadsden. Once I got my tent set up it was time to start checking things out. The rest of the day was spent wandering around the swap meet looking for cool stuff and talking to the folks we know. I didn't find a damn oil tank, but I did narrow down what I was looking for. Enough of all this. Here are a ton of pics to look at. If you didn't make it this year you need to put it on the
schedule for next time it's worth it!!!

Bill and Ian ready to get my weekend started right even if they had already been there since Thursday night.

My buddy Clay. We always seem to hook up to ride out to the local events.

Roadside and Bill waiting for the tram.

What kind of man wears a "What I see" blog shirt? Why this kind of course. One of that rare breed with the best of taste and a knowledge of what's truly cool ;-P

One of my new friends. Ben fro Benderworks in Atl. Ian and Bill already knew him, but I just met him this weekend and am proud to say he is "good people" and I'm glad to know him now.

Goodies to dig through.

More goodies!

The Show Class guys and the Haints were sharing a vendor space. This seemed to be a central place find the people you already know and should probably stay away from.Lots of fun was going on here for sure.

They parked their bikes behind the tent. A lot of cool bikes cycled through this space over the weekend. (Congrats Brunson on that new FXR ).

I love Servicars!

Of course Marty knows EVERYBODY and has to stop and talk to them all ;-)  That's Benji one of my favorite photographers on the right.

Hard to believe that my Triumph looked just like this when it rolled out of the factory.

Marty relaxing outside the Wall of Death.

I told you he knows everybody. Here he is talking to Charlie of Wall of Death fame.

There was an art show and silent auction of some really cool custom painted helmets. Ian was able to buy the one he wanted, but there was no way I could afford what this one was worth no matter how much I really wanted it.

What a beautiful helmet!!

On the tram again with Ian, Marty and AJ from Mississippi.

Sweet shovel parked along the side of the road outside the swap meet area.

That's it for today, I'll post some more pics tomorrow.


  1. Dammit, by the time I knew you were there, you had gone already. Hopefully I'll get to see ya at The Roundup. The hot dogs were great again.

  2. I came by your spot and y'all were out wandering and when I had a chance to get back by y'all were gone for good.