Monday, October 11, 2010

Photo Shoot during Barber's

A photographer for a very cool overseas magazine wanted to get pictures of a couple of Garage Company's bikes Sunday. Larry rode the Astroglide over to the vendor area for the pictures and I volunteered to ride the Sportster over (yeah, had to twist my arm pretty hard!). It was fun watching the man at work, but it's amazing how blind and rude most people are. We were constantly waiting or asking people to go around. It's not like there wasn't 40 freaking acres they could have used to stay out of the shots. Anyway, here are a couple of pics I took of the deal, the photographer asked me not to use his picture because of legal issues so I cropped him out. That's why the shots are framed a little funny.

Here's a pic I took of the AstroGlide Shovel, you've seen it before here and in a recent issue of the Horse. Yep, this bike won the chopper show at this years Smoke Out and I've gotten to ride it ;-) It's great having such cool friends.

Larry moving the shovel out of the way to make room for the Sporty's turn in front of the lens

Getting the Sporty into position.

A man I am proud to call friend. Larry is a good guy, not just to hang around with, but just an all around good person. I hope he continues to gain fame and is able to translate it into a good life long living. Meeting and getting to know Larry and Spenser as well as the other Haints has definitely made my life much richer and a HELLUVA lot more interesting. They do a good job of keeping me from feeling old most of the time.


  1. Thanks Kustom Jefferonni. Your a pretty rad dude yoself. Does that hat make me look fat?? HA

  2. No, your fat ass makes you look fat ;-P

  3. So sweet. sure you're not wearing care bears underoos.

  4. I was, but you wouldn't quit staring at my ass so I took them off!

  5. One of the secrets to being young is being with young people. I'm not sure if we just get jaded with age or bored but the exuberance of young people is contagious. Then again, loving something helps too.