Friday, October 8, 2010

First Day at Barber's Vintage Festival

Today was the first day of the Vintage Festival at Barber's Motorsports Park in Leeds, AL. If you are not here this weekend you are missing out. It's a great time every year with good racing, cool bike shows and nice big swap meet full of all kinds of cool parts. Today I helped Larry bring the GarCo bikes out to display in the swap meet booth and then scoured the area for parts I need. Came up empty on my parts but I did find some cool "critter" stuff as Nick would say.

First up is this funky old Honda covered in Tiger skin material. I was kind of afraid it would bite me it was so realistic :P

The next one we found in the building housing the bikes for the auction on Saturday. What we have here is PROOF that Apehangers make ANY bike cooler, even a simple CB350 is now a bad ass chopper!

This bike is actually VERY cool. It was built for one of the earlier Horse magazine Smoke Outs. Very nice Indian with LOTS of cool one off handmade parts. I hope they get a good price for it.

And finally a picture of OneWayStu doing an imitation of my dog trying drink water. I'll try to get some more cool pics over the weekend and share them Sunday when I get back home.

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