Monday, October 11, 2010

More From This Weekend at Barber's

As usual one of the Wall of Death groups was at Barber's for the Festival. This year it was these guys. Great show as always, if you haven't been to a Wall of Death show you are missing out. These walls are vertical, about 14 feet high and the circle is about 30 ft. in diameter. There are NO safety nets, if they screw up, they get hurt. It's that simple. The bikes are a mix of old 2-strokes and VERY old Indians with a go-cart thrown in for good measure. Here are a couple of pics I took Sunday.....

In this one the bike has caught up with the go-cart and they are really riding side by side.

In this one the bike has almost lapped the cart and they will do another few laps side by side. It's amazing to see these folks in action.

I didn't take as many pictures of bikes this year as I usually do. Just didn't seem as inspired by what I saw this year. One really neat little bike was this little Honda trail bike with a modern inverted fork added on. Pretty much overkill for this bike and that's part of why it's cool ;-P

Not a huge trike fan, but it's always good to see a survivor of the old days still on the road. Some of my friends say they will quit riding if they ever have to get a trike, I say screw that! Whatever it takes to keep me in the wind is what I'll do.

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