Saturday, October 30, 2010

Look Who Made The Cover!!

Found out recently the the guys at Garage Company Customs made the cover of Cycle Source magazine. They are also nominated for Builder of the Year, Top 10 Bike and Larry's girl Ashley is nominated for 2010's Motorcycling Woman Of The Year. Go HERE to vote for them. In honor of all this I decided to post some pics I took of this bike a while back. So check out the pics and go vote!

Not much to describe in the pics, just some photos I snuck in one day while hanging out at the shop. A couple were out of focus so I used "unsharp mask" in Photoshop to make them look good. See if you can guess which ones.


  1. I need to post the pictures I took at the Jap Cycle rehab/graveyard. LOL

    Good job on the post production. Now if you could just learn to use Depth of Feild in the camera to kill that unsightly background. ;-}

  2. I have to have a camera that will let me control the focus better. I've been trying to play with the depth and my camera is just too basic. I can't control what point it picks to focus in on. I plan the get a better camera soon.