Saturday, November 21, 2009

One last picture from the wall.

This picture give you an idea of the size of the each wall. He lays the edge of the walls, then adds the filler into it. Each stone is placed, non are dumped. He says this represents each time she placed her foot ont eh ground to take another step. You really need to try and visit some time, Tom is in his 70's so don't wait too long or you will miss a truly moving experience.


  1. I saw this in your facebook photos and wondered what was the story behind the wall and the leaving of gifts. Can you fill me in?

  2. Basically Tom's great great grandmother was rounding up during th etrail of tears days and sent to Oklahoma. She said the rivers there didn't sing to her like the Tennessee river did so she got away and walked back home. It took her 5 years. This wall is a tribute to her. You're close enough that you REALLY need to visit it. Here is Tom's website Here is another blog site with more info as well