Monday, November 23, 2009

Looking through the nose

This is the Bombardier's view from the nose of a WWII B-17 bomber in flight. Last year I had an opportunity to actually go on a flight in this beautiful aircraft (The Liberty Bell) I sat right behind the Pilots in the Flight Engineers position (the same position my Grandpa Starr served in during the war). Once the aircraft was in flight we were able to get up and move around the plane. You can see the other pics from this flight in the B-17 pics album of my facebook page. Planes like this one are the reason we are allowed to speak English in this country today. The B-17 was a plane that could be depended on to bring its crew home even when shot up so badly that it ended up being scrapped. as seen in this picture after a raid on Cologne, Germany. By the way, the damage in this picture is the area where I was standing in the nose to take the first picture.

Here is a picture of the aircraft I was able to fly in, the Liberty Bell

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