Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Saturday Was A Great Day Pt3 (More Drag Racing)

OK, this is the final post about Saturday's racing fun. Just a lot of pictures, if you need to know what is going on then read the earlier posts...

The only one of this type to show up. He made one half hearted pass then put it int eh trailer. I don't know if he had a problem or just decided there was no one for him to race.

Couple of sweet cars lighting the up.

Even lightly modified cars were out having fun, just look at the car in the far lane. It's been worked on, but it wasn't to extreme.

This old Z car was pretty bad ass and put on a good show as well.

This Camaro looked stock with some tires from Pull-A-Part tossed on the back to come out and play.

This little Mustang did some of the smokiest burnouts of the evening. It's getting pretty dark by this time so the pictures are starting to lose clarity.

One of the best burnouts this Camaro did.

Nice old Malibu

The best shot I have of the Pinto in action. He waited until it was getting really dark before making a few passes. Next time I hope to be better set up to take pics after dark.

Another shot of this Vega doing his burnout.

And once again my favorite car of the night. I really wish I could get another one of these and then win the lottery so I could make it how I want it.

That;s it for now, maybe I'll get to do something fun this weekend to share with you. I have a ton of stuff on the agenda for the weekend, but we'll have to see how ti goes.

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