Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hung Out With Bill Saturday

Saturday was a pretty good day. It was cloudy but warm and I took advantage of it. Went in to the warehouse where I work do get some stuff done on my projects. Talked to Bill that morning and he said he'd come over and hang out for a bit. I got there early and got some stuff done on my oil tank mount. I'm gonna wait to post pics of that until I get it pretty much done and am sure it'll work out. Otherwise I just hung out and sanded on the bed of my truck so that I can hopefully get it painted soon. Bill finally arrived and I gave him the grand tour and piddled around a bit. By this time I was finally hungry so we headed up to Bluff Park to eat. We wanted to eat at the Tip Top Grill, but we got there 5 minutes too late so we ended up at Mr. P's. The food there is GREAT but ya sit inside and at the Tip Top ya don't. After we ate Bill headed on down the road and I went back to finish the days work on the truck. Sunday was a family day so there's not much to show you there. Life is picking up the pace with the time change and the warmer weather so maybe I'll get back to regular updates on here soon.

The bike on the lift still. Maybe within the next few weeks it'll fire up.

Bill finally found the place.

and pulled up to the big garage door.

Sand, sand, sand.....wirebrush, wirebrush....sand sand.....

Primer, primer, primer.....hopefully soon I can lay down some satin black on here.

Rollin' through the woods going to find some lunch.

That XS just rolls right on with no complaints.

Did some touch up painting of the trim in the grill area.

There she sits, one more days work toward looking good again.

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