Monday, February 11, 2013

World Of Wheels 2013

This weekend was the World of Wheels show. It's not much, but it does help us get through the cold months. As usual there were not a lot of cool bikes, but there were some pretty cool cars. Here are a few from the upstairs exhibition hall. Later I'll post some fro the downstairs area.

New version of the old Morgan 3 wheeler powered by a motorcycle engine. In this case a nice new X-Wedge from S&S.

This truck was pretty cool, the paint stood out, but it wasn't too shiny or perfect. I really liked it.

I can't believe anyone still owns one of these monstrosities. Unrideable and useless as a motorcycle, but I guess as long as he digs it I can't say much. Just don't expect me to be impressed.

A couple of pics of the flatheads Vini brought to the show. Moon from the Haints works with Vini and they out did themselves on these two.

The other truck they did This one took first place in its class. It deserved it for sure!

Another view.

I still don't understand why people would pay money to put their stock bikes in this show.

Last time I saw this car it was at the Nascar museum at Talledega. Glad to see it cleaned up and on display. It seems that back in the day the Alabama State Troopers had good taste in cars.

I just dig this wagon and wouldn't mind having it myself.

This model Road Runner is my all time favorite of the 60's muscle cars. I don't know why, something about it just gets me. I really like the taillights on this model, but I didn't get a picture because people were in the way.

I'll have more pics posted soon so keep checking back.


  1. Geez, I didn't know it was even going on last weekend....doesn't look like I missed anything though.

  2. You didn't miss much. There were some nice cars as always, but very few cool bikes. I go mostly for tradition and to start the juices flowing for Spring.