Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ready For Warmer Weather!

The weather keeps teasing us with a warm day here and there, but I'm ready for warm sunny weekends and riding with my crew! Here's some pics from the 2011 BMR just because I came across them and wanted to post them. Hope to see ya on the road somewhere this year!

Jeremy is looking forward to warm weather too!

I love old places like this. It's like a snapshot back in time.

The FNA crew! Glad I've gotten to hang out with these guys. Can't wait for next time.

Sweet Sporty. This one ended up in a couple of magazines.

Another on that made it into print.

Bill and his bad ass XS650. This one was in the Horse and is still running strong today. Bill is planning to take it to the El Diablo Run.

Ian and his Sporty before he got knee deep into making it live up to its potential. After many changes this bike ended up super sweet. It's gone now, but it will ALWAYS be one of my favorite Ironheads.

Ross the Boss and his Winnabago. He's made racks for this bike, new storage areas inside the body and all kinds of other sweet mods. It's going to El Diablo too. Makes me wish I could make it knowing that Ian, Bill and Ross are going. But that's life.

That's it for now, I figured a lot of folks missed these pics the first time I posted, plus I was feeling Roadsick. Hope ya like em!

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