Friday, February 8, 2013

A Gathering Of Inbreds And Friends

A couple of weeks ago Bill decided to have a small gathering while his wife was out of town. So he called up his fellow Inbreds plus a few other friends and we all got together for some hot dogs and Conecuh sausage. When we got there we all hung out upstairs on the car port where the grill was. Once the food was consumed it was time to head downstairs to see the progress on Bills 60's XLCH. Unfortunately JT had to leave right about this time so he's not in any of the pics, but it was good to have him make it out to hang with us. We ended up hanging out for a while and basically just having a good time. This time of year little get togethers like this are truly needed to help keep sane. Check out the pics and look for us out on the road!

Gathering in Bill's work area in the basement.

The beautiful motor that Rick at Rick's Cycle Parts rebuilt and beautified as well.

Whitey is contemplating the huge empty spot in the middle of the frame. Loaf is amazed to see a drum brake and I think Ross and Ian are checking out Loaf's ass.

Ross is making a list of all the cool machine work he can do to make this even better. Ian is thinking "get your ass home and finish my triple trees before you add another project".

Apparently Bill didn't like what he heard! That or someone farted and he just smelled it.

Whitey wishes he had a new throttle cable so he could ride some.

Kick ass looking light Bill found to work with the classic sporty "eyebrow". I can't wait to see how this works out.

Loaf has finally resigned himself to the fact that I AM going to take pictures so he might as well enjoy it.

Ross is digging the tunes.

Whitey telling a story.

Ian is listening to him.

Bill modeling his new fork covers. These are some OLD ones that are made for the old sporty forks. They are actually cast pieces and not just shaped sheetmetal.

Bill picked up a cool Bell helmet with a really cool liner. Everyone wanted to try it on, but it seemed to fit like this on everyone. Just for grins I tried it on too and guess what....IT FIT! So Bill gave it to me and I'll get to style and profile with it this year.

Bill also has this helmet with a really small shell, but no liner in it so everyone had to pose with it too.

Look at it on that big ass noggin that Ross calls a head.

That's us baby, a bunch of damn Inbred Bastards!

The work area where Bill makes the magic happen.

As I was getting ready to leave, I saw this on Bill's desk. Not only was I amazed to see an actual cassette, but it was a Sex Pistols cassette! I was in nostalgia heaven for a minute.

That's it for now. I've managed to pull some back muscles so I haven't gotten out much to take pics and can't really work on the chopper till I heal. I'm not ignoring the blog, I just haven't had much to post. It'll pick up soon.

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