Friday, September 14, 2012

Sorry That I've Been Slacking Lately!

I know I haven't been updating like I should lately, but to be honest I've been too busy and tired. I went to the Bastard Bash with Loaf around the 18th of August then the next weekend I went to the Sidewalk Film Festival with my wife Allison on Saturday and then we worked as volunteers for the Festival on Sunday. The next weekend (Labor Day) we took the (grown) kids with us to Gatlinburg for my birthday weekend where we had a LOT of fun. It was possibly the best Birthday Weekend EVER! I got to hike back to a cabin that has connections to my family, Blake and I went into the Star Cars museum while the rest of them went to the Aquarium. In the museum I got to sit in a replica of a Batmobile from the 1966 Adam West TV series I ate great steaks and drank great microbrew beers all weekend. All in all a good weekend except for when I slipped on some rocks in Pigeon Forge Monday morning before we left and gashed my hand and sprained my wrist. A band aid later and we were on the road though. The wrist did keep me home Sunday trying to rest and recover. I needed it since Saturday we went to Artwalk downtown and walked around looking at all the cool stuff and visiting with my artist friends. I even bought a cool print of some Batman art. I told you all of that to explain what's been happening and to set up the pictures in this post. All of these pics are from Artwalk and there are even a few bike pics tossed in. I hope to be updating a little more regularly, but I am spending more time with the family so it may be hot or miss for a while.

I was walking around and saw Moon's shovel sitting outside Faith Skate shop. It's a cool setting so I took some pics.

The other side.

When we go downtown Allison and I like to wander down the alleys and look for cool stuff to take pictures of. This was a wall that had been covered in something in the past, but it's been removed now showing the sloppy mortar job.

I love the old advertising painted on the sides of buildings.

Another example.

I crossed the street and shot some more pics of Moon's bike.

Zoomed in and out, turned the camera etc. etc. trying to get an interesting picture.

Also took a bunch of pics of pigeons on the wires and street lights.

And finally some more pics of Moon's bike.

I'll be posting some pics from the Gatlinburg trip soon. Hopefully I'll have some more bike stuff soon too.

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  1. Good on ya for documenting the old ads. So much of that is getting lost. There is an ancient Levis ad hand painted on a brick wall here in Sacramento, I'll have to go check it out this weekend and see if it's hanging in there.