Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rode the Triumph This Weekend!

Got to put a few miles on the Triumph this weekend. Not too many, but enough to lose one of the front tank mount studs and rubber as well as the nut from the front seat mount. The bike rode pretty good and the engine ran GREAT! I had a blast, but I will need to redo all the gaskets up top because of leaking from the pushrod tubes and rocker boxes. At least I know I'm getting oil to the top end. :-) Oh well, the bike did sit for a few years waiting for me to get over a broken leg and then to get enthusiastic again. Here's a couple of pics I took after the ride, I managed to NOT capture the oil drips in all their glory. Now to get the paint squared away and do some riding.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Even More Bash Pics!

I still have a bunch of pics from the Bash so I'll keep posting them until I run out or take some more pics to add.

After a day of waiting out the rain in the morning and then riding all over the for fun, it was time to grab a beer and relax while we waited for the others to get back.

Duane reads from the "Dark Custom Handbook". Later that evening this little piece of corporate marketing crap was sacrificed to the Gods of the bonfire. I love the halo that just happened to appear as he was reading.

This is Joe, he was in the middle of a ride around the US and had to make sure he hit the Bash. We were at the parking area near the top of the Dam where they filmed a scene from the fugitive.

Us Birmingham folks stayed in tents (sort of) so we parked our bikes under the tree to help keep our stuff as dry as we could.

Spenser had to be different and skip the tent. This is a cool little nylon hammock with a tarp over it for rain protection. He put the rest of his stuff in my tent and he actually stayed amazingly dry.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Bash was GREAT Vol II!

Here are some more Bash pics, hope you like em!

The Dragon Slayers coming back in from a run up Hwy 129 through Deals Gap. This is also a pretty good shot of Hollies Ironhead and her husband Big Fink's killer Evo Sporty chop on the right.

Pyro's bike. He had a keg of home brewed beer on the back of his bike, but I didn't get a picture of it. It was a really cool set up and even used an old Ironhead Sporty oil tank to mount the tap. Very cool set up and Pyro is a great guy. He's especially handy when it's time to build up the bonfire ;-)

This is LTB's bike, believe it or not this nice long Sportster chop was the king of the road on the Dragon. He was tearing it up and even giving some of the sport bikes a run for their money.

This bike belongs to Buttas, the newest member of the Quad Cam bastards club which is different from being a member of the Quad Cam Bastards forum. Congrats to Buttas for making the team.

The Bash was GREAT!

We had a great time at the Bash, gotta love an event small enough to supply all the beer for the weekend with the purchase of a $10 raffle ticket AND then have enough raffle prizes that everyone who bought a ticket won a prize. Some prizes were a custom seat pan, a custom exhaust and a beautiful custom painted helmet. Most of us won t-shirts, hats, patches and stickers. The coolest thing was the shirt I won in my size and it was one I had planned to buy soon anyway, so I scored! Here are some of the pics, hope you like them. I'll be posting more in the next day or two so be sure to keep checking back!

IronHollie's bike sporting the new STP sticker I gave her :-)

Alvarez's bike. We spent HOURS Sat. night around the campfire talking about old punk bands from our youth. Check out his blog at Flat Broke Customs

Justin brought this bike came all the way from Canada to play! He was extremely happy to be there and was great to hang out with.

This is Rob's bike, he is the master of the Quad Cam Bastard forum. You can check out the forum's blog here and look at Rob's classic punk blog here.

Check back, I have plenty more to post!