Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Even More Bash Pics!

I still have a bunch of pics from the Bash so I'll keep posting them until I run out or take some more pics to add.

After a day of waiting out the rain in the morning and then riding all over the for fun, it was time to grab a beer and relax while we waited for the others to get back.

Duane reads from the "Dark Custom Handbook". Later that evening this little piece of corporate marketing crap was sacrificed to the Gods of the bonfire. I love the halo that just happened to appear as he was reading.

This is Joe, he was in the middle of a ride around the US and had to make sure he hit the Bash. We were at the parking area near the top of the Dam where they filmed a scene from the fugitive.

Us Birmingham folks stayed in tents (sort of) so we parked our bikes under the tree to help keep our stuff as dry as we could.

Spenser had to be different and skip the tent. This is a cool little nylon hammock with a tarp over it for rain protection. He put the rest of his stuff in my tent and he actually stayed amazingly dry.

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