Monday, September 6, 2010

The Bash was GREAT Vol II!

Here are some more Bash pics, hope you like em!

The Dragon Slayers coming back in from a run up Hwy 129 through Deals Gap. This is also a pretty good shot of Hollies Ironhead and her husband Big Fink's killer Evo Sporty chop on the right.

Pyro's bike. He had a keg of home brewed beer on the back of his bike, but I didn't get a picture of it. It was a really cool set up and even used an old Ironhead Sporty oil tank to mount the tap. Very cool set up and Pyro is a great guy. He's especially handy when it's time to build up the bonfire ;-)

This is LTB's bike, believe it or not this nice long Sportster chop was the king of the road on the Dragon. He was tearing it up and even giving some of the sport bikes a run for their money.

This bike belongs to Buttas, the newest member of the Quad Cam bastards club which is different from being a member of the Quad Cam Bastards forum. Congrats to Buttas for making the team.

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