Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spencer's Shovel

Spent Saturday at Garage Company Customs trying to finish up my Triumph. While I was there Spencer had his Shovelhead outside so I took advantage of that to get a few pictures.

This picture is pretty much how I took it except for a some work with the cloning tool to remove a stray hand and a bunch of power lines from the background.

At night the sign over the door lights up and looks really cool, in this pic I played around and tried to replicate that look. It's not too realistic especially with the bright sunlight, but I felt like playing around a little bit.

This is the same pic with all the clutter in the background blurred out to make the clean lines of this bike really shine. For a bike that was supposed to stay pretty stock after he bought it Spencer sure has made a lot of changes to it. Luckily they are all for the better because we all know that "Stock Sucks!"


  1. I've been meaning to tell you, these low angled pictures are great. I like this angle better for a bike. Shooting down just doesn't do a bike justice.

  2. Thanks, I learned this from the "cool" magazines :)