Sunday, June 13, 2010

The latest on the Triumph

Saturday was a good day for progress on the Triumph. I was able to get the fuel lines run, the new seat springs on (still have to open the end of the springs to fit the frame mounts though), the taillight mounted, the rack on the fender straightened and I mounted the old Falstaff beer opener that I've had planned for this bike for 3 years. Getting run over by the truck really put me behind on this project and some of the stuff that I was actually ahead of the trends on now look kind of common, but that's OK. I know I had them planned years ago ;-)

You can see the beer opener on the rear axle plate in this picture. I wanted to be a "real" chopper builder just like the guys at OCC so I used a step bit to drill the holes (sarcasm off now). Actually, this was the only bit I had that would cut through the plate. (Larry won't let anyone touch his private stash of bits ) I did find out that a couple of bolt holes in the front fork legs are stripped out and need to be helicoiled, but setbacks like this are to be expected.

The new tailight is visible in this picture. It is a stock Harley turn signal with a red lens. It makes a nice clean light and does well with all the vibration choppers seem to generate. Hopefully, she'll get wired up this week and I can fire the beast up for next Saturday's Bike Night at Garage Company. Y'all feel free to come on out next Saturday to check the place out. I can guarantee there will be some really cool bikes and some good folks to hang out with. Even if you don't have a bike, just park your car out on the street and stop on by.


  1. Looks like you found a better solution for a work area than Dad's shed and backyard. LOL

    Why not put the light on the rear fender so it can be seen? I passed a biker comeing in to work this morning. He had a little flag by his tail light and it was kind of strobe like as he rode down the road with the flag flapping so fast I couldn't tell it was a flag until I was amost next to him.

  2. Yeah, there's a little more room in the shop than in the shed ;-)

    The light won't work right on the fender, there is not enough space for the wires under the fender AND it will look stupid up there. Beleive me this light will be more than bright enough to get your attention.