Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Boozapalooza And A Visit To The Dojo

Saturday was my friend Boozer's birthday party and he called the festivities "Boozapalooza". It was a fun party and I'm glad I made it. It ended up being only Loaf and I representing our Inbred Brothers because of the 3 Amigos just getting home from EDR2013 (see http://americanaspeedshop.blogspot.com/ for details of that adventure). Loaf and I met up near my house and then headed over to where my chopper project is so he could see where I am in the build. While we were there JT called up and we all decided to meet there and ride over to Boozer's together.

Once we got there we started to mingle around and talk to all the folks we haven't seen in a while including some Haints and Boozefighters as well as regular old Biker types. After saying our howdies I proceeded to sample the BBQ and I'm glad I did, DAMN it was good. The meat was cooked perfectly and a combination of white and red sauce did the plate up right. I even went back for seconds. About this time the Haints took off, but invited us over to the Dojo before they left. I tried to take pics of them riding out, but I was using my trusty old Canon G12 this day and it's been so long since I used it I got nothing but blurry pics of them riding out. I guess the other camera has spoiled me.

A little while later I noticed it was getting VERY dark over in the direction of mine and JT's house. Boozapalooza was an outdoor event and after consulting the weather apps on our phones Loaf and I decided to get away from the storm by heading the opposite direction and heading to the Dojo. JT decided to head home and ended up soaked. Loaf and I skirted the edge of the storm and made it just in time.

Loaf has never been to the Dojo so it was about time he saw it. As usual the Haints were most gracious hosts and we had a good time catching up and talking bike stuff. Finally it was time to go since Loaf had an hour and a half ride back home to Montgomery and it looked like the storm had passed. We took off and rode part of the way towards my house where I split off and headed home. Loaf made it home high and dry so I guess it all worked out.

I do plan to take Nick up on his standing offer to visit more often, so maybe with their help I can keep this ol' blog a little more up to date since I don't think y'all want to see the 1200 pics I took of houses old Civil War forts, lighthouses and other stuff in Savannah and Tybee Island. Hope ya like the pics and remember you can follow me on Instagram (search for kustomjeff) if you want a more consistent feed of pics.

JT and Loaf on the ride over to Boozapalooza

Loaf and his bad ass Ironhead Sporty.

Loaf and JT.

JT on his mildly modified and extremely reliable Nightster (can't wait to see him on the shovelhead soon).

Stop light pic

The other side at the light.

Loaf just looks right at home on that bike.

And our very own Roadside Preacher trying to save our souls from the evils of Bikerdom.

Yep, that IS a purple Sombrero. Bean're would be proud.

This guy is out there every weekend with this whole set up doing his thing. I guess if it makes him feel good then go for it.

Haints at the party. I didn't take any other pics at the party out of respect for the other clubs since I didn't ask them ahead of time.

Nick Resty and Nick Brunson at the Dojo.

Nick and the Sportster he rode on the Super Trip a few years ago. Birmingham to Long Beach for Born Free.

Loaf and Garrett looking at the XS650 that the guys at Hugh's Handbuilt did so much work on last weekend.

Ape Knuckles hanging out.

Checking out Loaf's bike.

Duane's Shovel. He goes through bikes like I go through underwear!

Garrett doing some rafter climbing to find another fan.

I guess this was when we were trying to figure out where the other fan was.

That's it for this episode, Hopefully I'll have more cool stuff soon!

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