Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Last Of The Show Pics

Ok, this is the final installment of pics from this show. Check em out and I hope you enjoy them...

Good shot of this Vette's interior

Love these taillights.

Classic wheels are always better than modern billet stuff.

Another sweet Vette, but I was nearing overload by this point.

Sunbeam Tiger. A classic British sports car with an American secret lurking under the hood. The best thing is that it came that way.

I've always liked how the Brits put real wood dashes in their cars.

A small block Ford secret lurks to catch the unsuspecting.

Love the lines on the front of this one.

The Tiger badge that lets you know not to screw around with this one.

My friend Anil had this Cadillac Fleetwood on display. It's basically a factory limo.

Classic Caddy lights.

An iconic symbol.

That's a big damn grill!!!

Not many bone stock 442 motors left like this these days.

8-track Player with "America" ready to play.

Another classic badge.

Cutlass lights.

I love this color blue.

Every guys dream.

Early 70's Vette in my favorite color.

Yep, that's a monster under that hood.

I think this is the next to last year for this rear before they went to the plastic rounded rears.

1975 last year for a factory convertible until the mid to late 2000's.

I was in love with this car for years.

I love this view!

OK, enough of this for now. I'm going to see Jackyl tonight at Workplay. I'm sure I'll take a bunch of pics so you'll probably see some of them here. Maybe this weekend I can do something bike related ;-)

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