Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year & Some Progress On The Flyrite

The first post of 2013 and I'm happy to say it's about progress on the chopper. Where I work they've let me have a small corner of the warehouse to do some of my projects and right now this is my main one. I still need to get the bike over to Ross's shop for some TIG welding and machining, but I am getting done a few of the things I can right now.

After I finished for the day I decided to play with the new flash and triggers I got for Christmas/Yule. In this one I have a flash behind the bike and nothing else. I thought it was kinda neat, but does show that I have a long way to go to learn this flash photography thing.

It's an ugly flux core weld, but it seems to be pretty solid. Hopefully I'll find a bottle soon so I can do some better looking and stronger MIG welds.

Finally got the old electronic ignition stuff out. I gotta figure out what to use for the timer cover instead of this hideous thing.

The new points set up. It still has to be timed and the wire run to the coil, but it is at least installed on the bike.

The carb is done. I'm waiting for my new faux breather bolts to finish this part (these are head breather heads on a case breather motor so the holes need to be plugged).

Got the new grips on. I have new risers and clamps, but I'm not putting those on until final assembly.

And here we have another attempt at flash photography. This time I put it to the side and up a bit. There is a flash behind the bike too, but it didn't fire. Like I said, I'm still learning how to make all this stuff work like I want it too.

That's it for today, I guess I gotta remember to change my watermark to 2013. Have a good year and I hope to meet more of you out on the road!

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