Friday, November 26, 2010

One Way Stu and the Rebirth of a Shovel!

Spenser started having some weird handling issues with the old panhead frame he had on his shovelhead so he decided that it was time to go all out and make it a rigid. Since the other frame was a little suspect right now he opted to buy a new aftermarket frame and go to town. Pretty much the only pieces being reused are the engine and transmission.

Here the bike sits on the work table in the fab room. It's mostly there and mocked up. Still some fab work to do, but it's looking like a badass already. You can see the sissy bar that we had worked on that day. Spenser did the work and I helped hold stuff and lent my calibrated eyeball to the effort. So far the really custom pieces are the handlebars, sissybar, shaved lower legs and a brake tab on the rear. You can also see the tin primary set-up that he's been collecting parts for. There will be more custom fab work, but that's how it sits for now.

Another view of the bike, you can see the shaved lower legs in this shot. The gas tank is an old stock Sporty tank that was used for years on my Triumph. Remember, if you have parts and a buddy needs parts you need to cough em up, don't let em sit there and rot, get em on the road!

Close up of the shaved legs. He's not using a front brake so this will really clean up the front end.

You can see the way the shaved legs helps make the front end look lean and mean.

Close up of the welds on the bars. Spenser is a artist with a Tig welder!

Close up of the details of the sissy bar. It's all stainless and it took quite a while for us to be satisfied with the way the bends in the pieces were coming out. I think this may be one of the most well shaped bars I've seen that wasn't bent with a machine. Getting that brace under the fender to follow the bend of the sheetmetal took forever, but it was worth it. The sissy bar will get polished all shiny and pretty before it is done.

Close up of the weld on the brake tab.

One Way Stu looking satisfied with the work so far.

Making sure it all fits is important, Looks count, but Spenser rides! He needs to be able to jump on and head for the hills anytime he feels like it.

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