Saturday, November 13, 2010

Daytona 1994 - Blast from the past!

I was digging around looking for some of my old Army pics and came across a ton of other old pictures. I've been to Daytona one time, that was 1994. I may go back one day, but if I do it'll be to hang with the limpnickie crew NOT the rest of the yuppie assholes. Anyway, a bunch of us rode down from Alabama and had a good time. I rode my 89' Sporty that year so of course most of the pics I took were Sportsters and a cool Triumph tossed in just for fun. Anyway, here are the pics, I have more but haven't found them yet so I may revisit this subject somewhere down the road. Excuse the quality by the way, I used a cheap instamatic camera and the pics were fading pretty badly. I did what I could in Photoshop, but it's not great.

A cool red Triumph that I dug the hell out of. I guess I'm old, but I STILL love the old bobtail rear fender and a catseye light.

Very classic red Shovel in a swing-arm frame. I don't care what anyone says swing-arms CAN be cool.

Nice 2-tone paint and lots of chrome on this one. I could have used those saddlebags on mine that trip. My poor bike was loaded like a gypsy wagon, although my friend Craig had even more crap than I did ;-)

Timeless blue Sportster chopper. Apparently it was pretty popular since it had all those trophies. I have no idea if it ran or not, but it sure was purty!

Very clean XL. It had to be a very early Sportster with that tank, it might even have been a 57' I didn't know enough back then to check and my picture angle sucks for verifying the year.

Another nice swing-arm bike. Not too keen on all the white, but it did look good.

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