Monday, July 26, 2010

Nick's Shovel And My New Phone's Camera

I just got a new android phone and decided to try it out this weekend at Garage Co. It's not bad for a 5MP phone camera. This is the picture I took with the software that came with the camera. It's not too bad, the bike is Nick's generator Shovel in a nice reproduction wishbone frame with an ORIGINAL 1941 springer front end. This bike will be freaking gorgeous when it comes together.

This picture I took with camera software I downloaded. it's called Camera 360 and is pretty cool. It took this sepia tone type picture AND seems to also increase the resolution of the camera itself. I'd post the pic I took with the natural setting, but I shook the phone and screwed it up. At least now, if I don't have my good camera I know I can get a reasonable shot with this one.


  1. This is actualy a cool shot. Yea, you have hand shake but judging from the depth of field you has a small appeture selected and that means a slower shutter speed. Still that much DOF under those lighting conditions - hand held - is cool. That makes me envious. I guess you opted for the more expensive data package? Thats what's still holding me back.

    Yea that is a great back-up camera!

  2. I like this phone/camera so far. Android has a TON of cool apps to make it even better. I only pay $15 a month for my date plan and that gets me 200MB, or I can get 2GB for $30, but my basic phone plan went down so if I get more data I'll still be paying what I was before.