Thursday, July 22, 2010

54 Panhead

Last Sat. I rode out to Riders HD with some of the Haints to check out their BBQ fundraiser and bike show. Not a whole lot worth looking at really, just 3 cool bikes there (besides ours ) The first one was this 54 Pan. It's a great looking bike and is always in the shows at both local dealerships. It was pretty cloudy that day so I had to bump up the saturation a bunch and play with the levels to get the pics looking the way I wanted them to. Not much else to say about it except "Nice bike dude!"


  1. You did great with the adjustments!

  2. I tend to boost the blacks and that can cause detail lose. It is nice from a contrast point of view but if you are wanting details to show it is really a touch and go decision.

  3. I play with both sometimes. On this one I knew I wanted the color to pop more and because this color of yellow can look washed out even in a sunny picture I decided to boost the the yellows and blues a bit. Sometimes I just saturate and sometimes I saturate specific colors. All just depends on teh look I want.