Friday, February 5, 2010

Good Bye to an old Friend!

Well, I sold the Honda a few days ago. She was a great bike and I hated to see her go, but I never really ride her anymore and a bike that's not being ridden is a sad machine ;-) The guy who bought her is a young guy and his Dad knows damn near my whole family and he knows my niece and her boyfriend real well so I can keep tabs on her. Trent is in for a good time and I know the old ACE will serve him as well as she did me. These are just a few pics that I had sitting in the folder. None of them are great but they do show the evolution of the bike from a plain jane Honda Shadow ACE 750 to the Batcycle. Enjoy your new life my old friend and I hope you rack up many more miles before it's all over.

Here she is almost stock, just a bat on the air cleaner and her name on the fender.

She's truly becoming the Batcycle here. The Bats are on the tank, the pinstripe is in place and the pipes are coming together.

This is the picture of her that was used in a calendar for our online forum about these bikes.

Here is a shot that was converted to look like a drawing, the Spirit rear fender and front wheel are installed here. This is basically how she ended up before the big crash. After that she went back together, but I removed the bats and pinstripes.

Here are my girls on their last day together. The ACE is wearing a set of original mufflers so she was pretty quiet for the new owner, but I sent the bad-ass pipes along with her so she'll sing again ;-P

And one more time, my all time favorite picture of her. Sorry this post is so long, but this bike and I spent 7 years and 67,000 miles together. We survived getting broadsided by a truck and we're both still on the road, so I think a nice long farewell is appropriate.


  1. She was a great looking bike and I'm sure a good friend.