Friday, February 12, 2010

Different Seasons (Where I want to be vs Where I am)

This is what our house looks like in the Summer. This is the weather I enjoy and want to happen all year round so that I can ride more. This is Central Alabama by the way.....

This is Central Alabama today (Feb 12, 2010) This SUCKS! It's not supposed to snow in Alabama. It was an "interesting" ride home from work on the bike in this weather.

Actually I posted these pics to show how much difference the weather can make in a picture. The first picture has a bright and "pretty" mood going for it, the second is dreary and makes you want to put on a sweatshirt. Just some things to think about when planning pictures. We all know that the best shots are usually chances of opportunity, but we do plan some of these things.


  1. We are in the state just north of you and we didn't get a flake. How weird is that? Nice house BTW.

  2. Thanks! That is kinda weird, it was even worse south of us. It was all gone by the next afternoon though of course.