Friday, January 1, 2010

With the new tripod

This is a pic using the new tripod my Brother gave me. The lighting was bad so I couldn't get far enough away to do what I wanted, but I can see a little difference using the tripod and zoom. The lighting was really bad so I lightened up the picture until the bike looked pretty good, but by then the background was getting pretty ugly. At that point I decided to use the old trick of turning it black & white and make it look sepia toned. I think it worked pretty well. By the way, this is my current main ride, it's a 1995 HD Springer Softail "Bad Boy". They only made them for 3 years and less than 4,000 were made in this color in '95. I'll add more to the collection of bikes, but I'm not going to let this one get away, I wanted it for 14 years before money and opportunity came together for me to get one.


  1. I like the B&W approach. The sun reflected in the front rim is a nice touch. I’d recommend removing some of the debris from the foreground.

    No sure what kind of problem the light was for you ,but you could blur the background (Photoshop) and bring the viewers eyes to your subject. Not that the bike doesn’t do that already but who cares about the neighborhood. ;)

    I like the angle and glad you got a chance to use that ultra tiny tripod. I used it with my small cameras for tabletop photos. Now that I have my hawse - Nikon D300 - I ride it to the ground. LOL I'm liking your site. We need to get your followers list populated.

  2. I agree with everything you said. I wasn't really trying in this pic so I didn't pay much attention to the sticks and stuff, just trying the idea and then I ended up kinda liking the shot so I went with it. The lighting problem was that the bike ended up dark and by the time I lightened it up, the background was washing out. So, I got the bike decent then dumped the color so the background became more neutralized. If I can get some decent sun and a few temps warm enough I'll make a serious try at this shot. Gotta wash my poor filthy bike first too ;-)