Saturday, December 5, 2009

Interesting angles?

These pics are of course of my former 77 Sportster and my 70 Triumph chopper. Both pics were taken last winter and are good examples of how the right angles can make a picture (especially a bike picture) much more interesting. I like to get down low and shoot the bike kind of at an upward angle. I plan to expand on this with some other techniques if I ever get a decent tripod so that I can play with zooms and stuff. Both of these pics were kind of blah and washed out looking originally because of the blah winter weather when I took them. Lucky for me I have PhotoShop and was able to play with the levels and to adjust the various colors to warm up the photos. You can frame a pic perfectly, but if the lighting or other things are off the picture will not be great, BUT with the right software and techniques you can make them into what you originally had in your head. ;-)


  1. I'll remember this technique when I run into those occasional jewels that I find in my travels.

    What kind of tripod are you looking for? What does it need to do for you?

  2. Yeah, angles and some photoshop can really save a good image from turning out blah. As for the tripod, I just need something portable, but steady. My little Canon A620 doesn't like to focus if the try and zoom without being held super steady. Some of the effects I want to try need the zoom to work right.