Sunday, December 20, 2009

Huey at the Museum

I started volunteering at the Southern Museum of Flight right after they finished this restoration. That's kind of a shame since I worked on these and was a Crew Chief for 10 years in the Army on this very aircraft. Oh well, it got my attention and got me started helping out around there. Too bad the new Director made all the volunteer's mad so they quit, but we'll be back there one day. Nothing special about this picture except that I like it ;-) The painting on the nose is 1st Aviation Brigade and unit that did great things during the Vietnam era. The paint really doesn't match the aircraft since it was painted in the early Vietnam war style and this aircraft is a UH-1H and the Army had gone to a more subdued paint scheme by then. This Huey is also equipped with the wire cutting system (The pointy thing on the roof) and has the mounts for the APR-39 receivers (anti tracking radar system) on the nose. Still, it was a good cosmetic restoration and the aircraft sits on a pedestal outside the museum now.

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