Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bama Swap & Drag

Wow! I have been slacking lately and am way behind with this page. Hopefully I can get caught up over the holiday this weekend. I guess to start with I'll tell you about the great time I had over the Veterans Day Weekend. Ricky  (Rick's Cycle Shop) & Michael Lewis (Violent Choppers) decided a while back that we needed a good swap meet here in Alabama so they decided to make it happen. If I remember right this is the third time to hold the swap and it was the biggest and best one so far. The site is a drag strip in Section, Alabama and is a great place to play. During the day the track is open and everyone was free to make as many passes as they wanted to. You could race someone or go by yourself. All that mattered was that you had fun and got through safe. The swap itself catered to motorcycles and old cars. There was a lot of good deals to be had, but since all I need is an oil tank I didn't find much. I DID have a good time though hanging out with folks.

JT and I rode up on Sat morning and met up with my fellow Inbreds as well as Roadside Marty from Florida, the Hate City Customs crew from Atlanta, AJ, Josh, Josh's Wife from Mississippi and I can't forget Brian from Gadsden. I also got see one of my favorite photographers Benji Laney (MotorCulture Art & Design) and the rest of his cronies including the world famous Flounder. I finally met spACEy from Mississippi after seeing his posts on the Back Talk forum for a million years and talked to him about stuff for a while.

But that's enough name dropping, basically we all walked around looking for deals and hanging out watching people blast down the drag strip. I only got one bike feature photographed, but it's a good one. The best thing happening on the track was Phil from Endless Cycles in Georgia. He was blasting around on what APPEARED to be a chopper, but apparently HE thought it was a dirt/drag bike. Every time I turned around he was jumping something, sliding the rear around or blasting down the drag strip. I think he had more fun that the rest of us combined. Things finally wound down and most folks packed up to leave. A bunch of us stayed and camped out for the night. It got cold, but my camping gear was up to the task. It was kind of wild though because a pack of coyotes and a pack of wild dogs roamed around getting into the trash while we were trying to sleep and then a couple of stupid roosters started crowing around 3 a.m. We finally got up, had breakfast at Cracker Barrel then headed on toward the house. All in all it was a great weekend and I can't wait for the next one.

Chewy, Jessica and Jeremy from Hate City. It's ALWAYS fun when they're around.

Not sure who this was, but he was trying over and over to race Nate on the knuckle and every time it seemed something happened to him.

Nate from Gadsden and his sweet old knucklehead. He rode up to the Bastard Bash with us and in general does not baby this bike, he rides it.

The world famous Bean're. Finally got a copy of his book and had him sign it. Apparently he CAN remember how to spell my name without my help. :-P

Larry, AJ, Brian and Chewy hanging out.


Michael Lewis and Brother Roadside.

This little guy wanted to make sure his ride was looking sweet for the ladies.

Inbred Bill looking for a deal. He found a couple of damn good ones too. AND Phil let him make a couple of passes down the strip on the Dirt/Drag/Chopper.

Yeah, Phil even managed to toss him self off the bike a couple of times too.

Sorry for the shortage of photos. I've been busy with work and am trying to edit pics on my tablet and it takes longer. I'll get back on the regular computer and post more pics later.

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