Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Triumph Is Getting Close To The Shakedown Ride

Here is my favorite shot for now. It's getting close, I'm taking it over to Garage Company Customs Saturday so that they can help me with some welding (got a mig welder, but want this stuff done with tig). Hopefully we can get the tank mounts added back to the frame and make some new seat mounts to move the seat back where it needs to be. After that it's just a matter of getting the petrol tank connected to the carb, replacing the top end oil feed and redoing the wires. I'll save the paint for later this year when I can afford to get a "real" paint job done to it.

The other side

Here she is from the top, you can really see how much nice the lines with the new tank are. Baby is going to be a blast to ride and I can't wait to take her down the road!

Couple more pics from last years Vintage Festival

Nice little pre-unit Triumph sitting near the Lowbrow Customs tent. I love these guys stuff, especially the shirts and the cool little odd bits to make your bike actually work. Check em out here

This sweet beauty I believe is the work of Rick's cycles in Rainsville. I want to get up there and check the place out, but so far I haven't gotten around to it. This is a very badass little Ironhead Sportster. I wish the weather had been better so I could have gotten some better pics of it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Classic style never goes out of style

Nothing fancy here, just a couple of pics showing two classic style bikes created decades apart. The first is an old HD Knucklehead Chopper and the second is my 1995 Springer Softail. Both bikes have the same stance, both have beautiful springer forks (although the Knuck's is lengthened a bit) and both have upswept fishtails. Soon mine will have apehangers similar to the ones on the knucklehead, but for not it looks like this. Timeless beauty, decades apart.

(Both pics taken Oct 2008 at/near Barber's Vintage Festival)

Harley?????? What do you think?

(Pics taken at Barber's Historic Weekend 2008)

This is a Rikuo Motorcycle, made in Japan in the 30's I'll post a link to some pages with more info about them....

You can see some of the differences between this bike an a Harley if you look close. The springer fork is close, but not exact, the rear head has some kind of funky cover. Keep looking and see how many you can find.

From the rear you can see that the tailight looks like a beehive, but the bottom is round instead of flat. Also, the dash is flat on the rear instead of pointed like the early HD's. Obviously the muffler is not original so don't pay any attention to that.

This is a very unique bike and I can promise you won't see many around or find many people who even know what it is.