Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cemetery Tour from New Orleans May 2010

The family and I went to New Orleans for vacation. While we were there we went on a cool little cemetery tour. Even found the tomb of the kids grandparents family. On the tour we saw some really cool tombs including this "Irish chapel". According to the tour guide some folks have even used this for their wedding location. Really cool monument made to look like an old church ruin. The people in New Orleans know how to bury their kin with style.

This is the statue from the Confederate Memorial in one of the cemeteries we visited. The other pictures didn't come out the way I wanted so this is all you get.

This is a really cool Celtic Cross grave marker that we saw. It's about 12 feet tall and "carved" on all four sides. It is really beautiful and worth taking the time to check out if you visit the area.

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