Monday, March 8, 2010

Update on my Triumph

You can see I have the new petrol tank. Got it off ebay for a good price, but I still have to finish getting the bondo out of the badge mounting holes. THAT'S gonna be a lot of fun...NOT! I have another top triple tree that will go on soon so that I can use better risers and I found a great shop in CA to get the small parts at a decent price. Had to go to the UK to get the riser bushings at a reasonable price though.

In the top pic you can see some of the changes I'm making. I used the center cap from a Crager SS wheel that I found in the road as a timing cover. I'm working to get the 60's Sportster coil mounted to the front engine mount cleanly. Got some more ideas I'm working on, but will show those after I get them started.

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