Monday, April 29, 2013

More Great Cars From The Car Show

Here is the 2nd installment of the cars I really liked from the car show. Check em out....

64 Chevy C10 truck rebuilt by Goolsby Customs.

I'm not so sure about the whole tall wheel movement, but these work fairly well. Better than most I've seen.

Nice stance

Big Block Motor of course!

Thankfully they didn't mess with what works, the grill is pretty much stock with some nice massaging in the right places to make it perfect.

69 Camaro SS/RS Convertible. That means it's a hot rod with hideaway headlights and some cool accents.

I like how the modernized it with slightly bigger wheels but still stuck with the classic Cragar SS design.

I wish cars still had cool badges like this.

I've always loved the hideaway headlights on this model.

Another great interior, the shifters always struck me as really cool on these.

Nice clean little Tempest.

60's Morgan

1959 Chevy, lots of curves on this one.

Classic dashes just look sexy!

I'd love to have this one.

That's it for today, I should have one more post from this show.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Car Show At Barber's Motorsports Park

Last Saturday I was jonesing to get out. I've grounded myself from riding the bike until the pollen settles down and have been limiting a lot of my outdoor fun because of my allergies. Finally I had had enough and decided I had to get out at least for a little while, besides I had just finished priming the body and painting the roof of the new truck a few days before and needed to get it out in the public eye for a bit. So after doing a little searching around I found out about this show put on my the local Corvette club. It was held at Barber's where the Vintage festival is every year. It was a pretty small show, but there were some really nice cars there. I'm not gonna post pics of all of them, just my favorites and as usual it'll take a few posts to do it......

As with most shows some of the best ones are in the parking lot. The '55 Chevy Gasser is one of those. It really should have been in the show but since it wasn't at least it was parked where I could get a few decent pics.

I love these old Gassers and wish there were more around to see out on the strip where they belong.

Good ol' drop front axle.

Love the stance.

Even the wheels were classic.

Mostly stock interior as it should be. It even had an 8-track player.

Once inside the show there were some beautiful cars including this 63-64 Vette convertible.

Gotta take pics of the engine!

365 HP!

These old Vette interiors are really cool even if the radio is mounted sideways.

The next one was a '57 Chevy. Sometimes it seems like these are a dime a dozen but this one was so beautiful it had to be shared.

Red Hot!

Just needed classic wheels to be perfect.

Love that grill badge.

Car dashes used to be some of the best looking parts.

I just love this view!

That's it for today, I will have more soon. Hopefully the pollen will settle down and I can get out and do something to post here and share!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Camping Last Weekend

We finally made it to the campground after stopping at a little grocery store for some supplies (beer and hotdogs). This state park ( Paul .M Grist State Park) is great, the RV camping and all the other stuff is at one end of the lake and the primitive camping is on the opposite end. There ended up being NO ONE anywhere near us. We were at the end of the lake right next to the spillway. This worked out great for us since it was time to finally add a new member to our Inbred family. We welcomed our new Brother Loaf then settled in for some celebration.There were no trees where we decided to camp so Loaf came up with the idea to rig up a tarp for shade. Since the grass was so nice and the temps so warm we all decided to skip the tents and just throw our sleeping bags on the ground around the fire. This worked out great for some of us, others were not so warm but we still had a good time. Sunday we got up and took our time packing while we waited for the sun to come out and dry the dew from our stuff. We then loaded up and rode over to Maplesville to eat breakfast. After that Loaf headed home and we came back to our part of the state.

Just unloaded the cooler from Whitey's car and was in the process of laying out Loaf's patch for him to see when he got back from collecting firewood. Too bad Whitey had a sick Wife and had to go home that afternoon. He's getting his life on the right track career wise now so he'll be in the think of it again soon.

Loaf and Bill doing something near Bill's bike.

FINALLY a picture of Ross and his bike without a full face helmet blocking that beautiful smile!

Loaf sat at the table and hand sewed his patch, do you think he was happy about it?

We all played around in the spillway at least a little.

Ross got a wild hair that Bill HAD to ride his bike through this pipe.After a little checking and clearing a little dirt out of the way Bill went for it. You can see we didn't clear quite enough dirt, but that bad ass little XS made short work of it. 

 After that he did a few doughnuts just because he could.

 Loaf doing new guy duty and chopping firewood ;-)

Our official promo pic for our Lynard Skynard/Steppenwolf/Molly Hatchet tribute band.

I'm actually in a pic!!!! I had to use the tripod and timer to do it, but dammit I was gonna be in at least one. I was actually partly in the "band" pic, but I cut myself off by accident.

Good shot of our camping area.

Another one.

Ian's shovel up on the edge of the lake above our campsite.

My Bad Boy up on the edge as well.

Loaf's chopper with my bike behind it. Bill and Ross' bikes were down in the campsite when I took these.

The road above our site on the edge of the lake.

Does that look like a family tree with a single branch splitting off in ANY direction????

I wish we had taken this pic the day before when Whitey was there. I'll get us all in a shot one day soon.

That's it for the weekend, we had a great time and of course I took a ton more pics especially of the stars at night. The sky was so clear it was amazing. I also played with lighting from the fire. I'll probably post some of those shots later after I've had time to edit them.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weekend With My Bros!

Last weekend was the best weekend of the year so far! We had a nice long ride and then a night of camping at Paul .M Grist State Park. We took off fairly early to go to another event, but bike shakedown issues caused us to call it off and head to the campsite early. I'm glad it did, we had a great day of hanging out and having fun shaking off the leftover Winter Blues. At the same time we added a another Inbred to our limbless family tree. As usual this time of year my allergies were killing me so I looked like a train robber with a bandana over my face the whole time we were riding (allergies is also why it's taken so long to post this). But I didn't let it slow me down. This post is about the ride and the next one will cover the camping. Enjoy the pics and be sure to comment and let me know you're actually reading the stuff I put up here......

Gas stop before we head out. Poor Whitey has just changed jobs and hopefully soon will be able to get his bike back on the road.

Under way leaving Alabaster

We stopped to rendezvous with Loaf since he had to come up from Montgomery. There was some confusion over the meeting point so we had to wait for him to find us. Ian and Bill amused themselves while we waited.

Yayyy!!! Loaf made it!!!

And away we went!

I love long sweeping curves.

I like em even more in the woods.

Playing around in post-production.

Ian's bike looks great and gets better every time I see it.

Bill leading the way!

Check back later for the rest of the trip!