Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Damn Nice Ironhead Sportster Chopper!

Took this at a BBQ fundraiser/bikeshow at Riders HD a few weeks ago (same time I took the Panhead pics). It's a really nice Sportster chop. I love the old 60's Ironheads! The cam cover has some really nice lines and the primary cover is just pure class. Not much to say about the pics themselves, just a little saturation and level tweaking plus I blurred the guy walking in the background of one of them. Enjoy!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Nick's Shovel And My New Phone's Camera

I just got a new android phone and decided to try it out this weekend at Garage Co. It's not bad for a 5MP phone camera. This is the picture I took with the software that came with the camera. It's not too bad, the bike is Nick's generator Shovel in a nice reproduction wishbone frame with an ORIGINAL 1941 springer front end. This bike will be freaking gorgeous when it comes together.

This picture I took with camera software I downloaded. it's called Camera 360 and is pretty cool. It took this sepia tone type picture AND seems to also increase the resolution of the camera itself. I'd post the pic I took with the natural setting, but I shook the phone and screwed it up. At least now, if I don't have my good camera I know I can get a reasonable shot with this one.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

54 Panhead

Last Sat. I rode out to Riders HD with some of the Haints to check out their BBQ fundraiser and bike show. Not a whole lot worth looking at really, just 3 cool bikes there (besides ours ) The first one was this 54 Pan. It's a great looking bike and is always in the shows at both local dealerships. It was pretty cloudy that day so I had to bump up the saturation a bunch and play with the levels to get the pics looking the way I wanted them to. Not much else to say about it except "Nice bike dude!"

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's Alive!!!

Got the Triumph started today and actually even took it for a short ride up the block and back. The best thing was that it started on the FIRST KICK after sitting for 3 years. I have to swap out the rocker box oil feed because the new cool one sucks, then wire up the taillight and get the damn handlebars to stay in one place. After that it'll just be cosmetics and few other little details.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sig Pics from Delphi Forums.

I post a lot on delphi forums (been a member since 1998) and usually use a sig pic to make it easier for folks to recognize my posts. Sometimes I use something simple and sometimes I get creative and do up something cool in Photoshop. Here are a few of my favorites from over the years.

I found this picture of the inside of the Batcave on the interweb and decided that I needed to have my Batcycle parked in the Batcave. Seems simple enough, yeah right! It took 4 layers, a cut out of the batcomputer in the foreground,and some shadows to make this work. I think it came out pretty good though for my experience level at the time.

I made this one a little while later when I was heavily into my pin-up stage. Cut out pics of my bikes, added the border made up of a section of barbed wire repeated all the way around and put the pic of the girl in the background with a color layer over it to get the coloring I wanted.

One of my more recent sigs. Cut the background out a pic I liked of the Triumph (pre-new tank, by the way, it's a major pain to cut out around all those damn spokes!) made a shadow for the bike and added a cut out of some Bettie Page art that I really liked (Bettie was a Goddess!). Added Mjolnir to represent me and the Triumph Logo to represent the bike and we're in business.

This is my latest masterpiece. I decided to forgo the background removal and just add the new Bettie art and what the bike is. Photoshop is a great program and you can do a LOT of really cool stuff with it.