Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cool shots from New Orleans May 2010

These are just a couple of my favorite pictures I took while wandering around the French Quarter. This one was an upstairs window in a building that was being repaired and getting ready for someone to live in.

If you want to see balconies then the French Quarter is the place to go. LOTS of great ones to be seen, this one was on the corner of a building and just seemed to be begging for me to take its picture.

Cemetery Tour from New Orleans May 2010

The family and I went to New Orleans for vacation. While we were there we went on a cool little cemetery tour. Even found the tomb of the kids grandparents family. On the tour we saw some really cool tombs including this "Irish chapel". According to the tour guide some folks have even used this for their wedding location. Really cool monument made to look like an old church ruin. The people in New Orleans know how to bury their kin with style.

This is the statue from the Confederate Memorial in one of the cemeteries we visited. The other pictures didn't come out the way I wanted so this is all you get.

This is a really cool Celtic Cross grave marker that we saw. It's about 12 feet tall and "carved" on all four sides. It is really beautiful and worth taking the time to check out if you visit the area.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bike Night @ Garage Company Customs, Pelham, Alabama, May 8, 2010

GarCo had their monthly Bike Night last night and as usual it was kick ass! Quite a few cool chops showed up as well as a bunch of regular bikes. I rode the Springer to get there, but my Triumph was sitting right inside the doors looking pretty cool surrounded by all those great bikes. Didn't get any pics inside the shop since it was kinda dark in there and my camera doesn't like it too much. My schedule is pretty tight for the next couple of weeks, but with these guys help I should have her on the road by the end of the month.

Some of the cool bikes didn't get there until after dark so of course I didn't get pics of those, but here are some quick shots I took as I walked through the parking lot. Be on the lookout for me to post info on when next months party is and bring your happy ass out to see the fun......

First pic is a 1936 Knucklehead HD, this bike is SWEET and the guy actually rides it. Nothing sounds like one of these and it is ALWAYS great to hear/see one on the road.

Nice XS650 Chop

@ beautiful Shovelheads, the front one is made from a bunch of different bikes so don't even try to ask what year it is. The other one is a very nice, clean stock FLH and it gets ridden regularly too.

Very nice first year Softail (1984), the only year the bike came with the old 4-speed and a kicker, that's my Springer parked behind it.

A couple of cool Honda's that GarCo has built.

My friend Mike's VERY clean CB750, he rides this one all over the place and has owned it since "back in the day". I think he may even ride this one more than his modern Victory.

Nick, one of the Haints (see the link to their blog over in the sidebar) and a member of the shop crew built/rides the Sportster with the white seat, very cool bike and only a sample of the kind of bikes these guys can build. Don't know anything about the bike in the foreground.

Nick's bike from another angle

Another great old Shovel.

The other side.

Whitey finally is almost done with his Triumph Bonneville America. It only sort of resembles what it looked like new. Great job with the hardtail, custom tank and all the other cool pieces he's made for this one.

A nice little modern Honda chop, don't really know anything about it, but it was cool enough to take pics of .